Venetian plaster

Venetian plaster

Venetian plaster – a special type of wall coverings, the result of which is a complete imitation of natural stone, marble on the wall. This may be the effect of a single stone coating, cutting of solid marble or masonry of stone blocks with the original pattern and texture of real stone. Professionally made Venetian plaster in Miami is no different in appearance and characteristics from this stone wall.

What effects can be obtained with Venetian plaster:

Venetian plaster

  • A single cut of stone, marble blocks with a general pattern of stone on the entire surface of the wall
  • Smooth, polished or even glossy stone surface treated stone
  • The rough, torn, rough surface of a real stone slab
  • The effect of laying of natural stone walls of marble blocks, natural stone

The advantage of Venetian plaster in comparison with the coating of the wall of natural stone:

  • Seamless coverage of the entire surface, without seams and seams, creating a single pattern.
  • The simplicity and speed of execution of all works, the depth and quality of the effect depends only on the wishes of the customer and the skill of the performer.
  • Environmentally friendly material, high vapor and air permeability, the wall is not preserved, a natural balance of moisture and indoor air is created.
  • Reliability and comfort in use, the wall does not require additional care or protection, easy to clean, resistant to temperature extremes, moisture and abrasion.
  • The material is very plastic, easy to restore, restore or change, both in small areas, and to change the entire surface style – color, depth of pattern.
  • Universality, Venetian plaster is suitable for any interior and can be combined with other decorative coatings, paints, plasters.

Venetian plaster in MiamiThe classic application of Venetian plaster (Miami) is considered to be in two layers to obtain the traditional effect of the stone. In fact, the implementation can be from one to three or four layers, for the desired effect and depth of the pattern. Also, depending on the pigments used, a variety of visual styles can be achieved, including combined solutions.

During operation, Venetian plaster preserves the quality of natural stone – when polished, the wall acquires depth and saturation of the pattern with a glossy effect. For a structural effect, small areas as well as the entire coating surface can be polished.

Special attention should be paid to the application of Venetian plaster on the elements of the interior or decor – moldings, cornices, plinths, steps, as well as columns, interior elements. Very effectively, the Venetian looks at the flight of stairs, in high halls, on a large surface, creating an impressive effect of a whole-stone covering.

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