Venetian plaster

Venetian plaster – a special type of wall coverings, the result of which is a complete imitation of natural stone, marble on the wall. This may be the effect of a single stone coating, cutting of solid marble or masonry of stone blocks with the original pattern and texture of real stone. Professionally made Venetian plaster is no different in appearance and characteristics from this stone wall.

3D panels in interior design

Decorative panels for walls allow you to create interesting design solutions in different styles. Classical interiors will decorate volumetric ornaments of strict forms, imitation of half-columns, bas-reliefs. Premises designed in the style of a loft, which has been at the height of fashion for several years, can be finished with crushed bricks or old stone, not even planed boards.

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Accent wall in the interior: “cautious madness”

Accent wallThis is a special wall, excellent in design from the rest of the walls in the room. Accent walls Miami may differ in color, texture, pattern, material. Accent may be the entire surface of the wall or only part of it in the form of a wide strip. Accent often make the wall behind the TV and near the dining table. A slightly less popular option is the accent wall near the mini-office. In these cases, the emphasis helps to solve the problem of zoning indoors.

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Accent wall in the interior: how to highlight it?

short walls can be made There are several design secrets that will help you make the right choice of color for the accent wall. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of perception. “Hot” colors visually approach us. Therefore, if the room is narrow, you should not paint the long walls in the “hot” color. The “hot” ones include red, orange, warm brown and many of their shades. If you paint in one of these shades a long wall in a narrow room, the room visually narrows even more.

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