Accent walls

Accent wall in the interior: “cautious madness”

Risk is a noble cause, of course, but prudence is never superfluous. As the aphorism says, “folly should be done carefully.” This adage would be worth to adopt for everyone who is engaged in or is going to do interior design. The choice in favor of a rich palette and a dynamic ornament is always a risk. But it is possible to significantly reduce it and play a safe game. “How to do this?” You ask. The answer is simple: to know, feel and comply with the measure.

Even with a small dose of bright, vibrant color or pattern, a very bold statement can be made. Such blotches are called accents. We already wrote about how to arrange bright accents in the interior. At this time, we will dwell in greater detail on such an element as the accent wall in Miami.

What is an accent wall?

Accent wallThis is a special wall, excellent in design from the rest of the walls in the room. Accent walls Miami may differ in color, texture, pattern, material. Accent may be the entire surface of the wall or only part of it in the form of a wide strip.

What is the point of creating an accent wall? Firstly, it makes it possible to introduce a share of bright color into the interior, but in a small, strictly limited quantity. In addition to color, you can add additional textures, shapes, lines to the interior. Due to the accent wall, the surface of the room does not look uniform and flat. The interior is spectacular and extraordinary.

Secondly, the creation of accent surfaces allows you to manipulate attention. The people entering the room will first of all pay attention to the accent wall and what is next to it. So you can attract interest in something decent and divert attention from some unattractive object.

Accent wall in the interior: where and why?

Accent often make the wall behind the TV and near the dining table. A slightly less popular option is the accent wall near the mini-office. In these cases, the emphasis helps to solve the problem of zoning indoors.

You can emphasize the part of the wall on which you plan to place an expensive painting or another luxurious decor. In a special way, it is customary to finish the wall near the fireplace. Here we are talking about solving decorative tasks.

Accent walls in MiamiAccent may be partitions, piers, protrusions. The selection of these areas allows you to more clearly separate the zones and rooms. This option also works on zoning.

In the corridors and halls allocate parts of the walls. The area is divided into fragments – this makes the corridor or hall not so monotonous and dull.

Accent walls are made in bathrooms. Often allocate the wall behind the toilet and sink, as well as near the bath.

In addition to the considered, other options are possible. Before you decide on a wall to emphasize, you must answer the following questions:

  • why do you need to highlight this wall?
  • why her and not the other?

It should be remembered that the accent wall pulls on itself the main attention. If you want guests to notice your collection of still lifes, do not accent the opposite or adjacent wall. It may be that the area with still lifes will simply be ignored, because the bright accent wall will overshadow it.