3D panels in interior design

3D panels in interior design

3D panels MiamiDecorative panels for walls allow you to create interesting design solutions in different styles. Classical interiors will decorate volumetric ornaments of strict forms, imitation of half-columns, bas-reliefs.

Premises designed in the style of a loft, which has been at the height of fashion for several years, can be finished with crushed bricks or old stone, not even planed boards.

Exquisite boudoir organically complement the bulk flowers, as if growing out of the walls or an intricate ornament. And the bedroom is a place for calmer, more rhythmic forms that bring you peaceful sleep.

Geometric or vegetable forms, blisters or dizzying gyrus that cause dizziness – these are 3D wall panels. Miami is not far behind the global trends of designer fashion. We offer 3D gypsum panels made on modern equipment. And you can choose the shape, color, texture of your future walls from the catalog or order the development of individual design.

Gypsum panels – the benefits

3D wall panels in MiamiGradually, three-dimensional graphics entered our lives. This resulted in the creation of unusual films, the use of non-standard approaches in the design of the premises. As soon as wall panels with a 3d effect appeared on the market, they immediately attracted attention. Along with the beautiful appearance, they have several advantages.

Here are the main ones:

  • wall panel can be used in any type of room. This applies even to objects with high levels of humidity. Over time, the surface of the coating will not cause mold, fungus. The material is not afraid of cracks and chips. With proper care, even after 10 years, the appearance will remain the same;
  • The panel has the ability to adapt to the existing microclimate. Moreover, it can regulate. This is due to the fact that the basis of production is the use of a natural material;
  • breadth of use. 3d wall panels can be used both for its intended purpose and for the construction of the ceiling, partitions of other surfaces. In fact, with a creative approach during repair, there will be many options for using this material;
  • high level of security. If some finishing materials may burn, or require special treatment, then wall panels do not burn, do not emit harmful fumes, do not smell. This property is very important, as it requires only competent installation;
  • high level of sound and heat insulation. You will not hear what is happening behind the wall, protect yourself from “extra ears”. Even if the wall to be trimmed with the panel is on the windy side, it will always be warm anyway;
  • after installation, there is no need for special permanent care for the wall. You just need to periodically wash the dust from the surface of the panels;
  • environmental friendliness. By production of panels the plaster certified environmentally friendly mixes is used. There are no additional additives. The result is a decorative wall panels that are completely harmless to human health;
  • monolithic surface. After installation, you will receive a single, monolithic surface on which there are no seams. Looks from the very beautiful, does not let moisture, protects against noise;
  • high level of strength. Due to the fact that modern production uses high-tech equipment, 3d panels for the walls are very durable. Even if you try, you will not be able to destroy them in living conditions;
  • unique design that allows you to create a unique interior. Gypsum panels are able to surprise with their uniqueness, beauty, elegance. Thanks to their use, the room becomes cozy and outwardly irresistible;
  • easy and quick installation. Despite the fact that it seems from the outside that it is difficult to decorate the walls with panels, in fact, even a person without special skills is able to carry out all the installation work. To do this, just read the instructions and follow it.
    Of course, 3d wall panels are a real find for those who want to decorate a room in an unusual style. You can choose an exclusive pattern, choose a color scheme. A wide variety of choices and ease of installation will quickly and efficiently achieve the task.