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About Us

Hi there. My name is Alex and I would like to introduce to you our company in Miami – Veneziarts Decoration LLC.

We are a professional and highly reputable team and we are currently located in Hallandale Beach, FL. Our company has great experience with painting projects in Boston and Chicago, and in addition, we have been decorating houses and apartments in Italy and Russia for over 14 years. Together with our fresh European designs, original ideas and high-end techniques, we bring to the job extreme attention to detail. We carry out every project with utmost professionalism and treat every customer with care and courtesy. We provide a high-quality work for each project’s specific needs in all aspects of wallpapering, regular or custom painting, installation, taping and finishing of drywall. Venetian plaster or faux finishing such as velvet, marble, wood, lime or concrete imitation are available for your one of a kind wall.We can also help you out with plumbing, electrical or handyman services. On top of that, we have our personal small manufacture, installation and finishing of ecological, dimensional 3D wall panels for accent walls. 3D wall panel in Fort Lauderdale, Bal Harbour, Aventura, Sunny isles beach, Hollywood, Devi, Miami Gardens, Hallandale Beach. So feel free to contact us, and our team would transform your living space and bring it to the next level.


Our Services

Decorating and Venetian plastering

We are specializing in elegant italian faux finishing and artistic murals. With our high quality and ecological materials the company can create a wood, stone, concrete, velvet, marble immitations on your walls and ceilings.Popular specialty finishes also include sponge, brush or crackle techniques with texture application or coating, brick finishes and metallic options.

Painting. Wallpaper Removal and Installation

Interior and exterior residential painting services. Ceiling and drywall repair and restoration. Stain application and woodwork. Stripping and refinishing with custom paint matching. Cabinetry work. Spraying of wood, stucco, and trim. Removal and installation of paper, grasscloths,vinyl,non-woven and other kinds of usual and custom wallpapers.

3D Wall Panel Installation and Decoration

Installation of 3d dimensional decorative panels for walls and ceilings (3d panels are made for beautiful and extravagant looking accent walls,for modern and contemporary textured wall design.You can use them in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, TV background, feature walls and ceiling in house decoration.They are also a great solution to ugly, stubborn problematic surfaces that need covering.

Our Jobs

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Our Contacts

701 Three Islands Blvd, apt 515, Fl 33009 
+1 2247707900 Alex Atrosh.


A little more about us

Our company specializes in interior finishing and performs its work at a high professional level. Our employees are qualified professionals with multiple years of experience. They know well how important it is to do their work efficiently and thoroughly. That is why our company is a success and has managed to build a solid reputation.

Main Business Activities of Our Company

Every day we see a growing variety of innovative technologies, modern materials, equipment and other commodities that allow you to perform high-quality repair works and to live well in comfortable conditions. But if you want the repair works to be done properly, it is better to entrust this task to responsible craftsmen that you can count on.To create a stylish, original, and exclusive interior, regardless of size and functionality, you will need high-quality interior finishing work, which is hard to do without professional help.

That’s what we do

This putty has already gained great popularity. It is an elegant and beautiful wall covering suitable for all types of interiors. Venetian plaster in Miami is a practical solution for creating a luxurious interior. Its beauty certainly does not leave anyone indifferent. The service life of Venetian plaster is measured not in years, but in decades. This type of putty is used for both internal and external finishing works. It allows the walls to breathe, and it does not retain water, moisture or air. Venetian plaster in Fort Lauderdale, Bal Harbour, Aventura, Sunny isles beach, Hollywood, Devi, Miami Gardens, Hallandale Beach.

There are various types of decorative painting and plaster. All of them are resistant to external factors, strong and durable. Ready-made or tailored options are available, depending on the wishes of our clients. In any case, decorative painting and plaster will look unforgettable and elegant. It will make the room beautiful, cozy and will be a worthy alternative to the traditional wall covering.

Accent walls in Miami are a great way to create a unique design in any room. This kind of finishing work will bring freshness, lightness and a new spark into the interior of your home. An accent wall will look bright and unusual, and it will ultimately become a real “highlight” of the room. Accent walls in Fort Lauderdale, Bal Harbour, Aventura, Sunny isles beach, Hollywood, Devi, Miami Gardens, Hallandale Beach.

It is no secret that removing and hanging wallpaper requires a thorough approach. It is very important to do the work carefully and flawlessly. Do you need to remove the old wallpaper and put up the new? Order high-quality professional wallpapering and save yourself the hassle. Our experts will help remove the old and select the new wallpaper and hang it in a short time. They will offer suitable wallpaper of different colors and textures that are ideal for a particular interior. Wallpaper installation service in Fort Lauderdale, Bal Harbour, Aventura, Sunny isles beach, Hollywood, Devi, Miami Gardens, Hallandale Beach.

Our professionals will perform the installation and painting of three-dimensional environmentally friendly gypsum wall and ceiling panels in the best possible way. You are guaranteed to be satisfied with the result of the work and you will not regret that you turned to our experts. Our specialists will always take into account the wishes of the client, offer interesting solutions and demonstrate their professionalism in practice

In addition to the above services, the company is ready to offer high-quality installation and minor repairs of drywall, installation of baseboards, ceiling moldings and stucco work, as well as all types of electrical and plumbing work.